How Wearable Technology Is Making Parenting Simpler

How Wearable Technology Is Making Parenting Simpler

Connected pacifier keeps worried parents in touch

Leigh Ann Renzulli
  • 28 march 2016

Pacif-i is “the smart pacifier,” “the stress free pacifier” and the “pacifier for busy parents.” Who knew that one plastic nipple could do so much?

Pacif-i, like so many other produces these days, comes with its own application, which can be accessed on an Android or iOS device. The pacifier, created by Blue Maestro, can detect a child’s temperature, “without disturbing them,” surely a big selling point for parents who are loathe to wake their child to check for fever. The smartphone simply needs to be within 30 feet of the pacifier, meaning parents can check their child’s temperature from the next room.

“If a baby is too hot, they have trouble regulating their temperature and they can’t get to sleep,” said Blue Maestro CEO Richard Hancock. “This application provides parents with a very easy way to monitor their child’s temperature and take action.”

smart pacifier app psfk

Parents can even record what medications they are giving their children in the Pacif-i application, along with the effect on their child’s temperature, which they can refer back to when consulting the child’s pediatrician.

Perhaps most importantly for busy parents, the Pacif-i application can track the pacifier, even alerting the user when they leave the pacifier behind, or when it moves away, possibly signaling that a toddler is on the move.

Pacif-i is hitting the market at a time when smart baby products are becoming more and more popular. Just in the past three years, PSFK has written about a wearable baby anklet, smart baby monitor and a smart diaper.

But Hancock pointed out that Pacif-i distinguishes itself by being more than its technology. “Pacif-i is a connected device that has a life beyond its connectivity,” he said. “Take away the connected features from other products, and they essentially become useless gadgets.”

Pacif-i smart pacifier

Indeed, the design of the physical pacifier is unique. The clear plastic allows the baby’s face to be visible, the holes around the side increase ventilation and despite its electronics, Pacifi-i is light and comfortable.


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