This Shop is Designed to Look Like a Box of Wine

This Shop is Designed to Look Like a Box of Wine
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For a truly immersive drinking experience, this team created a locale that mimics a wine box

Eva Recinos
  • 8 march 2016

Wine lovers can now take their love of the drink one step further by sipping a glass inside a winery modeled after a wine box. La Parra Winery, a bar in Argentina, doesn’t look like your typical drinking establishment. In an effort to make the experience of sipping quality wine even more immersive, Epífita Arquitectura (in collaboration with AB Estudio) designed the shop with vino-lovers in mind.

Built with Oriented Strand Board (OSB), the locale also features small details that make it whimsical and interactive.



From the outside, the bar resembles a wine box both in its color and the text that decorates its surface. The logo and the words ‘Wine Outlet’ are surrounded by booze-related words: vodka, liquors, Cabernet, Merlot and others. Three openings on the right side show off gleaming bottles that beckon visitors to come inside.

18_EPFT-Parra-4---Baja wine

18_EPFT-Parra-9 - Baja

Some of these parts slide or open to reveal the inside of the bar. Inside, wooden shelves and tables continue the theme. Trinkets like a vintage poster that reads ‘Free Beer! Tomorrow’ sit amongst shelves of condiments and jams. Bottles rest against the wall in tall shelves.

On the architecture group’s website, the team also goes into the details of how they created a visually interesting but also totally functional design. The team also paid careful attention to lighting and layout to create an experience that wine lovers will surely remember—even after that third or fourth glass.

Epífita Arquitectura

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