Radio host Manoush Zomorodi asks what happens when we let ourselves space out. See her on stage May 13 at PSFK 2016.

Futurologists often talk about how tech will serve us, but what about how tech shapes us? At last year's conference, WNYC's Manoush Zomorodi shared the results of a project she did with her listeners asking them to do a digital detox. She's back at PSFK's flagship conference in New York for a brief update this year discussing issues surrounding the human side of tech on her show, Note to Self.

Ahead of her talk at PSFK 2016, make sure to check out our interview with her about her project Bored and Brilliant – The Lost Art of Spacing Out. This project was a daily podcast and newsletter whose goal over the course of a week was to figure out how much time we actually spend with our phones, and to see if changing our behavior can help us attain that ‘default mode’ more consistently.

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