Adidas Wearable Tracks Gym Class Activity

Adidas Wearable Tracks Gym Class Activity

The Zone fitness band communicates fitness data to PE teachers for personalized student plans

Adriana Krasniansky, PSFK Labs
  • 6 april 2016

Fitness brand Adidas has released a new wearable activity tracker designed specifically to motivate students to stay healthy and active. Developed in partnership with with fitness-assessment platform Interactive Health Technologies, the Adidas Zone tracks heart rate and connects to the cloud to share each student’s data with their gym teacher.

Teachers are encouraged to apply Zone data’s to create personalized health goals for students, rather than rely on one-size-fits all physical education. Zone can also track students’ overall daily activity levels and reward students with prizes and scholarships for achieving fitness goals.

Zone is part of Adidas’s larger commitment to encourage students from kindergarten through high school to stay fit and healthy.

IHT x Adidas Zone

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