Amateur Scientists Can Now DIY A DNA Test

Amateur Scientists Can Now DIY A DNA Test

Handy analysis kit lets anyone extract DNA from a biological sample

Emma Hutchings
  • 21 april 2016

The Bento Lab DNA analysis laboratory is a handy kit suitable for beginners and professionals alike. The kit, which fits into a laptop bag, enables people to analyze results themselves by taking a biological sample, extracting its DNA, and conducting a simple genetic analysis.

Bento Lab contains a centrifuge to extract DNA from saliva, meat, hair follicles, etc., a thermocycler to target a specific piece of DNA and make millions of copies, and an illuminated gel unit to visualize the DNA and let you interpret the results. With this kit, you can conduct a simple DNA analysis, for example, seeing if your taste buds detect bitter flavors, testing if you are likely to be lactose intolerent, extracting ancient DNA from fossils, or testing a hamburger to see if it contains horse meat.

Bento Lab

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