Jaguar's new Land Rover embraces wearable tech for your convenience

The new Jaguar Land Rover includes a number of features that will make summer travel a breeze. After recently revealing a new partnership at the Wearable Technology Show 2016, a smartwatch might soon replace the car key. Android Wear has teamed up with the car manufacturer in order to create a wristband that makes simple car control possible when away from the vehicle.

The F-Pace is the first model to feature the Activity Key, which enables all these remote functions. Some of the standout features include a car locator, temperature controls and unlocking features. An even more futuristic function is the ability to even remotely start the car engine prior to entering. In addition to unlocking and controlling the temperature prior to entering to the vehicle, the software can also reveal how much fuel is left in the gas tank. The software can also sync to both Android and Apple smartwatches.

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