Automate Your Shopping With Tesco And IFTTT

Automate Your Shopping With Tesco And IFTTT

The partnership lets customers add items to their basket during price drops or a restock

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 april 2016

Tesco has made it easier than ever for customers to stay on top of their grocery shopping by partnering with the task-managing platform IFTTT. The company has been looking for new and exciting ways for people to shop, and in response to the increased number of connected home devices they have been experimenting with different methods to help serve shoppers better every day.

Tesco has created its own channel on IFTTT for customers to perform some simple actions with Tesco online. The channel has two triggers and a single action. Shoppers can now trigger any other action on IFTTT if the price of a Tesco product changes or if it drops below a certain specified price. On the action side, they can use any of the triggers to add a specified item to their basket for them to buy when they have a moment. For example, a customer could use the platform to have burgers added to their shopping basket if it is warm the next day, add salmon if it falls in price, or receive an email if the price of diapers changes.


To get started, users just need to add the Tesco channel to their IFTTT account and sign in to their Tesco Groceries account for authentication to set it up. Tesco is encouraging customers to publish their recipes on IFTTT and get in touch with any feedback or ideas.

Tesco Labs

Photo by Tesco PLC

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