Design approach challenges popular notions about the purpose of a capsule hotel

Capsule hotels have a less than glamorous history. They were created for businessmen who miss the last ride on the train or too drunk to get home in one piece. Nadeshiko Hotel, located in the fashionable Shibuya area, is unlike its predecessors. Aside from its many amenities it caters to the untapped market of businesswomen in Japan.

Excepting the capsule-sized beds, there is nothing that makes the Nadeshiko Hotel a typical Japanese capsule hotel, Japan Trends reports. Each guest is treated like nadeshiko, which comes from “yamato nadeshoki” or the ideal Japanese woman. Guests will be using Yukata (traditional robes) and Tabi (traditional slipper socks) while inside the premises for a relaxed feel. Being a hotel entirely just for women, it's meant to be a safe haven against what many call Tokyo's Time Square.

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