Reconsidering the way a drone should behave in the event of a malfunction or crash

When drones become a widespread phenomenon across numerous landscapes and industries, its likely that some of them will come raining down due to bad weather or system failure. But what if we’re thinking about drone accidents in the wrong way? What if, instead of changing the way a drone flies and lands, or the software guiding the drone fleets, we simply change the drone itself?

German firm Festo is rethinking the way drones are designed by departing from the traditional quadcopter shape to something more bubble-like. The result is an atypical drone composed of a helium-filled balloon at center, with a ringed structure surrounding it that houses propellers inspired by dragonfly wings. On top of being generally lighter than most drones, the propellers also enable this drone to fly both vertically and horizontally should it need to pick things up in curious places.

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