Can This App Makes Conversations About Sex Ed Easier For Teens?

Can This App Makes Conversations About Sex Ed Easier For Teens?

Providing an outlet that lets teens ask the questions they are afraid to bring up with adults

Eva Recinos
  • 8 april 2016

While it’s a completely human and universal act, perhaps no other subject is more confusing—and often stigmatized—for teens more than sex. Even in a society where sex sells, the topic can be a touchy one.

This doesn’t help if you’re a teenager hitting puberty. Where do you go when the conversation can oftentimes be banned both at home and school?

Juicebox is a virtual space for teens to ask any questions about sex that they want. They simply submit their questions anonymously and ‘sexperts’ supply them with information.

Previously known as Hookup, the app was created by Brianna Rader in response to her own less-than-ideal experience with sex education. According to Fast Company, she was “officially condemned by the state of Tennessee’s House of Representatives” for creating Sex Week, a program at her school that included multiple events centered around education students about sex.


Her own experience highlights a larger problem concerning sex ed in public schools. Different groups hold different beliefs about just how much kids and teens should know about sex—and whether any of it should be taught in schools. This results in a wildly different experience depending on where you go to school. Rader’s own negative experience with sexual education highlights just one example of what happens when communities don’t want sex ed in their schools.

Currently, users interested in Jukebox can sign up for an early invite. The app will also feature quizzes and polls around specific topics so teens can learn more about how others approach their own sexuality—in the hopes of creating a more open and welcoming community for those teens that need it the most.


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