A partnership with Slack helps hungry office workers quickly place their orders

Fast food chain Taco Bell launched a chat bot into group messaging platform Slack with an AI-enhanced ordering system.

The system, dubbed Tacobot integrates into Slack's platform so people can message it similar to how they would message a person. Tacobot responds to simple commands and questions about the menu and has pithy comebacks for questions like “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” similar to AIM chatbots of the early 2000s.

After finishing an order, Tacobot connects to people's ta.co accounts to choose their pick up location. This bot integration is currently in private beta for a few select offices including Giphy, FullScreen, Thought Catalog, FoodBeast, and SAV Studios. By integrating into a messaging platform, Taco Bell is making it even more convenient to order a Quesalupa, Doritos Gordita Crunch, or any other items from the menu.

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