Bikoo relies upon the power of the crowd to provide same-day delivery

Brazilian businessmen Kiko Coelho and Marcelo Ruman have launched an app named Bikoo that hopes to revolutionize the way parcels and packages are transported and delivered. The free app has been inspired by the success of ride-sharing giant Uber and collaborative accommodation platform Airbnb.

The premise of Bikoo is to provide same-day delivery via the enormous number of regular commuters in any given city. After downloading, a new user can create a post regarding the item they wish to have delivered by taking a photo, providing a brief description, along with the location, time and date of pick-up. The app will then allow up to three other users to bid for the safe delivery of the item. Once a price is decided, a pick-up time and location is confirmed. The winning bidder is then left with the responsibility of picking up and delivering the aforementioned package in a timely manner. The completed delivery is confirmed through the app and by the original poster before payment is finalized.

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