Festivals and VR pioneers are laying down significant ground rules for the VR landscape

While we have little idea how the landscape of virtual reality will look like years from now, many are banking on the explosive growth of diversified content across gaming, cinema, music entertainment, journalism, pornography and numerous other industries. Oculus Rift’s CTO John Carmack predicts that gaming will shape 50 percent of content with the remaining 50 percent comprising of repurposed and new content.

This year SXSW gave AR/VR its own program track which covered new forms of filmmaking, gaming and digital innovation. Another example pointing toward the burning interest in VR is the Tribeca Film Festival, which will host some 23 VR exhibits and interactive installations in a “Virtual Arcade” this year. Their Festival Director Genna Terranova framed VR as a hot area where creators can provide active and varied experiences:

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