A Coworking Space Where You Pay Rent With Content

A Coworking Space Where You Pay Rent With Content

Berlin coworking space offers space to freelancers in exchange for content for their publication

Jennifer Passas
  • 20 april 2016

Blogfabrik, is a Berlin-based coworking space, that in exchange for two contributed articles a month will give freelancers a desk to work from. The articles are for Blogfabrik’s online publication DailyBreadMag which is marketed toward 18-35-year-olds. Freelancers are asked to promote the pieces they contribute through their personal social media channels and organize one event for the publication over the course of the year.

Blogfabrik’s 500-square-meter space is bright, open and gives freelancers access to a photography studio, event space, and meeting rooms. Claudio Rimmele, the creative director and editor-in-chief of DailyBreadMag approves the pitches and assigns topics to freelancers, but said in an interview with FastCompany that freelancers have “the freedom to do what they want as a contributor to the magazine.”

Currently Blogfabrik has 30 freelancers that have backgrounds in photography, journalism, videography, editing and blogging. The space, now approaching its 1-year anniversary, is now looking into offering “flex” desks, which will be a part-time coworking option that can be booked in exchange for one contribution to DailyBreadMag per month.


In addition to the work freelancers do for DailyBreadMag, there is the opportunity to work with Kiosk, Blogfabrik’s affiliated agency, for which they are paid separately. With the number of freelancers on the rise in the United States, Blogfabrick’s model offers a useful and engaging space and a built-in community for those that often work alone and could have great potential if implemented states-side.


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