Come Hear How Companies Like Uber Are Transforming The Future of Cities [PSFK 2016]

Come Hear How Companies Like Uber Are Transforming The Future of Cities [PSFK 2016]

Experts from Uber and more will take the stage at our flagship conference May 13 to share insights on designing experiences for urban environments

  • 5 april 2016

Annually published studies have appraised the world’s most livable cities by looking at factors such as affordability, health, education transportation and more. But what makes a city truly ‘livable’ is a sum of all its equations: how is business enabling a greater economy for all? How do people participate and engage in their cities? PSFK’s flagship Conference in New York City on May 13 will explore the future of cities with global experts whose operations include designing experiences for international growth and audiences.


Today, the proliferation of internet-connected infrastructure is adding an entirely new element into city life, from robots that pack and ship our automated deliveries on the sidewalk to parking garages that preemptively tell vehicles where to find an available space. As a result of new sensors and new technologies, companies are working to make cities smarter and more efficient.

At PSFK 2016, we will hear from Uber’s Ethan Eismann, who is responsible for designing the next generation of transportation and developing design tools to be leveraged by teams in cities around the world. Eismann’s work and influence is shaping how people navigate through their cities, whether it be creating products for company-sponsored transportation or on-demand food delivery.

To hear Ethan and other thought leaders inspire Ideas That Transform, join us at the PSFK 2016 conference on May 13 in New York City. Check out our event page to see speakers, workshops, and more. Sign up for a PSFK membership at the checkout to save $300 on the total package. Get your tickets today!


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