Transforming Gatorade From A Sports Drink Brand To A Leader In Sports Fuel [PSFK 2016]

Transforming Gatorade From A Sports Drink Brand To A Leader In Sports Fuel [PSFK 2016]

Personalized formulas, meal supplements and organic offerings help the brand cater to every athlete

  • 4 april 2016

Whether training in a professional sports stadium or neighborhood park, all athletes require fuel and hydration to keep them going — however, based on age, health, and workout intensity, their intake needs may vary greatly. Like leading sports brands Nike and Under Armour, Gatorade’s innovation strategies for 2016 and beyond focus on personalizing offerings to the training needs and goals of each consumer, in order to help them to make the most of their workout.  

At the Gatorade Fuel Lab, Xavi Cortadella, Gatorade’s Global Innovation Director, discussed the company’s personalization initiatives—including customized formulas, complimentary meals, and organic offerings—designed to transform Gatore from a sports drink brand into a holistic sports fuel solution.

Join Xavi Cortadella for a dynamic discussion around Gatorade’s transformation into a Sports Fuel brand at PSFK’s flagship conference in New York City on May 13. Purchase your tickets today.

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Every Athlete Sweats Differently

The central product of Gatorade’s Fuel Lab is Gx, a customization platform that helps athletes choose the hydration formulas that are best for them. The first iteration of Gx is a suite of concentrated drink pods, which can be mixed and matched by consumers to personalize the flavors and nutritional values of their hydration.

For elite athletes, Gx is supported by a smart cap water bottle, which tracks intake,  provides visual feedback to pace drinking, and communicates fluid levels to team coaches. Digital sweat patches provide accurate physiological measurements, which can prevent on-field exhaustion and provide data for long-term fueling strategies by coaches and trainers. Building off information from smart caps and sweat sensors, trainers will be able to cater their hydration offerings to the needs of the team.

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Fueling On- And Off The Field

Spurred by athlete request, Gatorade is launching a line of snacks and meal replacements to help athletes monitor their intake throughout the day. These products, which include granola bars, protein powders, and overnight muscle-building yogurt, are designed to help athletes maximize their fueling and rest in order to train and perform to their peak abilities. Products will launch to the public over the next several years.

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Personalization For Everyday Athletes

In both food and drink, Gatorade’s messaging revolves around helping athletes, amateur and professional, reach their full potential. Using nutritional science as their foundation, Gatorade is building a full portfolio to provide fuel guidance for each consume—one that will include organic offerings within the next year, Cortadella says. These innovations connect to form a holistic fuel offering that simplifies sports nutrition choices for all athletes, helping them to focus on their next big achievement.

To hear Xavi Cortadella and other thought leaders inspire Ideas That Transform, join us at the PSFK 2016 conference on May 13 in New York City. Check out our event page to see speakers, workshops, and more. Sign up for a PSFK membership at the checkout to save $300 on the total package. Get your tickets today!

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