The hearing impaired can now enjoy a high-definition and portable audio experience

While hearing aids have long been successful in helping people understand speech, conveying authentic-sounding music has proven more difficult. With quickly changing frequencies and endless options for bass, midrange and treble optimization, many existing devices can only provide a listening experience that is described as flat by many patients. However, Starkey Hearing Technologies have a solution for the rising number of hearing aid users who are unwilling to give up their favorite tunes.

The new line of hearing aids called ‘Made for Life' was made specifically with the iPhone owners in mind. Available across various models, ranging from behind-the-ear to receiver-in-canal, the new devices are equipped with two novel technologies—Muse and Halo 2. Muse, as the name suggests, offers ultra high-definition audio experience, while Halo 2 ensures compatibility with iPhones, iPads and even Apple Watches as well as selected Android devices, allowing users to stream phone calls, music and audio from other applications.

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