Retro-style cabinet updated to reflect the needs of modern gamers

Flippaper is an interactive pinball console that enables players to draw their own playing field and actually play on it. Following the game’s ‘grammar,’ which consists of varying strokes of dots, lines, closed shapes and fill shapes, players can reach desired effects such as flippers, speed boosters, walls, bumpers and targets which get scanned and brought to life by the console promptly after finishing the drawing.

Featured in the digiPlaySpace, otherwise known as the ‘playground of the future,’ artists Jérémie Cortial and Roman Miletitch’s collaboration seeks to aid children and people of all ages “explore a new balance between drawing and logic, control and accidents, action and meditation.” By being able to quickly alter your designs after testing, Flippaper ensures that you won’t have to entirely redraw your board should your pinball frequently get stuck in certain nooks and crannies. Instead, users can prototype as they play and make iterative adjustments to tweak performance issues.

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