In Brief

This electric bike looks like any other, but inside the frame lies an advanced form of transportation

Before there were hover boards to disrupt the ever-tiring process known as walking, electric bikes hacked the bicycle. However, hover boards quickly crashed and burned while e-bikes have thus far withstood the test of time. Along the way, the ugly and cumbersome model has meta-morphed into quite the beautiful creature, such as the sleek and modern Electrified S by Amsterdam’s VanMoof.

Following the trend of ‘smartifying’ products for device-to-device communication, the Electrified S pairs with your phone via Bluetooth and internet connectivity to lock your bike key-free, turn the built-in lights on or off and adjust the speed settings. And while the bike itself has its own touch screen to accomplish all the aforementioned tasks should your phone die or you’re already mid-ride, the phone-as-extension means there’s GPS tracking, and also enables you to activate theft-tracking should your lightweight wonder-piece be carried off into the abyss.

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