Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube Released 360-Degree Cocktail Video

Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube Released 360-Degree Cocktail Video

How 32 cameras and one award-winning bartender can turn a mojito recipe into a spectacle

Weronika Jurkiewicz
  • 1 april 2016

Flair, a practice of bartending that aims at entertaining guests by juggling or flipping bottles and shakers, is often showcased at bar openings, but thanks to the partnership between Bacardi and Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube, viewers will be able to enjoy this spectacular performance in a completely new way, from the comfort of their couches.

Featuring Tom Dyer, two-time world champion, two-time Guinness record holder and 12-time UK Flair championship winner, the recipe video uses 360-degree bullet time and super slow motion technologies, ensuring a unique visual experience. In order to achieve this effect, the video was shot using 32 DSLR cameras attached to a circular structure surrounding Dyer.


The video is part of a three-year contract between the spirit brand and the YouTube channel promoted by the celebrity chef, making it a good example of how well-established brands can use social media to reach new audiences. Since its launch in April 2014, Drinks Tube showcases some of the best bartenders form around the world and which teachers viewers how to prepare simple cocktails at home, attracted over a quarter million subscribers.


Oftentimes, content creators implement new technologies arbitrarily without thinking if the new effect adds anything to the experience. This video is a great exception to this rule, turning a simple mojito recipe video into an intriguing visual performance.

Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube | Bacardi

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