Can A Cosmetics Company Use Branded Content To Create Real Social Change?

Can A Cosmetics Company Use Branded Content To Create Real Social Change?

A documentary series funded by MAC aims to create awareness around the transgender experience

Marielle Castillo
  • 20 april 2016

Certain brands are known for taking stances on social issues and using quality branded content as the medium. MAC Cosmetics is one of them. Since the foundation of its AIDS Fun in 1994, the brand has supported the transgender community, particularly those affected by HIV/AIDS.

The brand’s latest effort is a documentary series about the lives of transgender and non-conforming individuals. Written by Jen Richards—writer of Her Story, a show about the dating lives of trans women—and directed by Silas Howard, known for directing episodes of the critically acclaimed Amazon series Transparent.

The documentary looks beyond gender and focuses on their everyday lives and the traits that define the members of the community while shining a light on HIV/AIDS, homelessness, discrimination, violence and other critical issues they face.

MAC plans to share short previews on social channels leading up its release. Nancy Mahon, SVP of the brand and executive director of the MAC AIDS Fund, said to Digiday,

“Brands becoming content creators have really democratized the spread of information, but as an activist brand, we want to go where the decision-makers are. Content without a point of view is hollow.”

Due out this June, the series announcement comes right after the brand’s recent collaboration with Caitlin Jenner on a lipstick named Finally Free. All the sales of the lipstick will go to further the brand’s work in support of transgender communities.

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