This pre-roll campaign finds a clever way to fight xenophobia one claim at a time

“Hi, my name is Najlaa and I'm from Syria. The following video states that that refugees like me are just here for money. My home was bombed and completely destroyed. Do you think I care about money? Three of my cousins were killed. Do you still think that I care about money,” a 23-year-old refugee living in Germany states on camera as part of a campaign that aims at decreasing the prejudice against the refugees.

Berliners searching for racist videos from the far-right Pegida movement (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West), will be forced to watch an unskippable pre-roll ad from the “Search Racism. Find Truth” campaign where Firas, Arif, Aglia, Bakary, Hakim, among others, are fighting racist beliefs one claim at a time.

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