Simple Hanging Device Is A Treadmill For Office Desks

Simple Hanging Device Is A Treadmill For Office Desks
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Tired of feeling stuck at the office? Turn your desk into a fitness machine

Leo Lutero
  • 19 april 2016

It is true that sitting for hours on end is not exactly doing wonders for our health. This odd device, called Hovr, can change that by leaving your feet hanging above the ground. This odd position will compel you to move your feet in exercise instead of just keeping them still, Fast Co.Exist first reported.

It’s basically a seesaw that hangs from a single strap on your table. You put your feet on it and just move it around. One tester compares the experience to snowboarding or skateboarding.

Despite its toy-like looks and function, the device claims to have significant effects to the body: A bold claim, but these statements are backed by tests scientific tests. Trials by Mayo Clinic and the University of Illinois in Chicago both resulted in favor of the Hovr. A NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) certification has also been awarded to Hovr, meaning it’s an effective method of calorie-burning.

The Hovr can burn 17% more calories than sitting and requires very unconscious movement so you don’t get distracted from your work. Hovr claims it’s the closest activity to walking while sitting that one could get – except maybe walking in your office chair when you’re too tired to even stand up.

The device comes in two iterations. One is built into a stand so you can use it anywhere like working at a desk or even while sitting in a sofa watching TV. The other one attaches to your existing table. The strap is secured via screw to the table’s body right above where your feet normally are.

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The Hovr is now available for preorder at Indiegogo. A kit including the desk mount is $44. The version with an integrated stand is $79. There is an optional $28 for those who want to track their HOVR activity using a digital tracker. This tracker works with any Android or iOS phone and sends in activity data so users can see how many steps they have taken or distance estimates of walking in place. Delivery is expected in July this year.

Hovr on Indiegogo

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