A supersonic plane that'd let you fly from NY to London in under four hours

Virgin Galactic and Colorado start-up Boom are teaming up to develop what could be the world's fastest passenger plane. The plane would fly at Mach 2.2 (or 1,451 MPH), and get you from New York to London in 3.4 hours, cutting current flying times by more than half. According to CNN, roundtrip fare on Boom would cost $5,000 (about the equivalent of an international flight in business class).

Boom is similar in concept to the supersonic plane, the Concorde. While the Concorde charged approximately $20,000 for a roundtrip flight and seated up to 100 passengers, Boom would seat just 40 passengers split into two single-seat rows. As the planes will fly at 60,000 feet, passengers should be able to see the curvature of the Earth from their windows. The company hopes that the plane's smaller capacity will make it easier to fill up flights.

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