The Power of Chat Debrief spotlights how transactions are being embedded in the chat interface

We share images, updates and locations over social channels to remain ever-connected to our peers, but the most efficient and effective way to successfully reach someone is by shooting them a text. All day, every day, people of all ages are affixed to their personal devices for business and pleasure. Should we have known that the only communication tool we really need is the most standard messaging feature on our phones?

The Power of Chat Debrief from PSFK Labs looks at how digital communication tools, text in particular, are being leveraged by brands to offer range of services to their customers. Given our mobile-first lifestyles and longstanding messaging habits, it’s no wonder that the ability to complete transactions is one of the latest features to emerge. Through the chat window, today’s shoppers can purchase international flights, last-minute birthday gifts or a unique furniture item with a command as simple as ‘send.’

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