‘Textalyzer’ Can Identify If A Driver Has Been Texting And Driving

‘Textalyzer’ Can Identify If A Driver Has Been Texting And Driving

A new bill could introduce a device that can tell if drivers were using a phone at the wheel

Eva Recinos
  • 21 april 2016

In a new bill proposed by the New York State Senate, texting while driving could be almost as bad as driving under the influence. In this recent bill, lawmakers outline the reasons why they want to crack down on drivers who use mobile phones (or portable electronic devices) while driving.

According to Fast Company, the bill would introduce a ‘textalyzer’ that police could use to catch drivers in the act. The bill outline the concept of “field testing,” which involves “the use of an electronic scanning device… to determine whether or not the operator of a motor vehicle was using a mobile telephone…” This would be used for investigating accidents, to determine whether or not the driver(s) were on the phone before causing property or personal damage.

The report states that “studies have concluded that texting while driving impairs a driver to the level of .08 blood alcohol level.” Therefore, authorities want to “treat this impairment with a similar methodology to that of drunk driving.” Lawmakers are hoping that this would result in safer streets overall, particularly through efforts to reduce accidents related to texting while driving.

They also hope that these actions will encourages other states to take similar action. This could discourage mobile phone usage on a large scale—many drivers have adapted to hands-free technology to make phone calls but can often end up texting behind the wheel. With this bill, commuters would have to find a way to keep their phones out of sight during their drive.

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