A NYC fitness center installed a gamified section that adds fun to working out

Asphalt Green, a New York City-based non-profit sports and recreation center home to many youth and adult athletic teams alike, has just launched an electrifying supplement to its gym over in its Upper East Side location. The add-on is a high-intensity circuit-based class with an aesthetic reminiscent that of an arcade. Complete with a fully-interactive workout space, the gym is decorated with fluorescent pads on its walls and floors which not only respond to touch but are pressure sensitive.

The goal during this workout is to react accordingly to the flashing visual clues, which appear randomly. In a single session (roughly 45 minutes), gym-goers can burn upwards of 1000 calories in the gamified fitness routine. As the first workout in North America to integrate the PRAMA system—an ‘interactive fitness platform’ which boasts of over 500 unique workouts, lighting and multimedia management, and numerous other high-tech involvements within the fitness niche—the class is a new way of getting healthy.

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