Povi is a connected toy on a mission to sharpen your child's EQ

With an overwhelming growth of screens and devices surrounding us today, many children born into this computing generation are remarkably tech savvy, but at the cost of learned communication. As a result, you often get monosyllabic responses to questions such as “how was your day?” and it can be difficult to get through to young ones.

How do we teach children critical social skills without eating away at their technical competence? Meet Povi, a soft doll that bundles with an ‘emotional intelligence content platform’ to deliver thousands of stories and 30 hours of conversational recordings, all stored within the toy for offline use. Leveraging a machine learning formula that collects data on the number of EI topics consumed, total content completion, child’s age, ability to talk about certain topics, overall engagement level and listening skills, the buddy adapts over time to fit your child’s needs and level, effectively growing with them for years to come.

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