The board is designed to emit the smell of human sweat to attract mosquitoes and prevent the spread of the Zika Virus in Brazil.

The Zika Virus has become a global health emergency, so two advertising agencies in Brazil decided to make a solution to help fight this serious health concern. Posterscope and NBS designed a billboard that will attract and kill the Aedes Aegypti mosquito—The Mosquito Killer Billboard.

Two billboards have already been installed in Rio De Janiero and it has helped kill millions of Aedes mosquitoes every day. The device inside the billboard emits lactic acid and carbon dioxide reproducing the smell of human sweat and breathing. There’s also fluorescent lighting to make the billboard more attractive for the insects. Mosquitoes within 4 km proximity of the billboard will be attracted to the scent. Once the mosquitoes hover under the billboard, the catch mechanism will suck them in. And when inside the billboard, the mosquitoes will die of dehydration. However, the fight to contain the Zika virus can’t happen in Brazil alone. The design is available for free download for any city or country that wants to replicate the project.

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