This Device Can Purify Water, Generate Electricity And Connect To The Internet

This Device Can Purify Water, Generate Electricity And Connect To The Internet

Watly is self-described as the biggest solar-powered computer in the world

Eva Recinos
  • 22 april 2016

Alternative sources of electricity and safer methods for purifying water continue to be in-demand problems that many tech teams are trying to solve. The creators of Watly claim to have solved both of these in one device—while also providing an Internet connection.

Self-described as the biggest solar-powered computer in the world, Watly is a large, self-contained computing device that can generate electricity off a grid, create internet connectivity from virtually anywhere, and also purify water. The team estimates that over the course of 15 years, Watly can reduce more than 2,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

The team explains more behind how the device works autonomously on its Indiegogo page:

Watly generates the very same energy it needs to function. It does not need to be connected to an electric grid. Watly produced off-grid electricity to power its own internal electronics as well as external devices (portable computers, mobile phones, portable lamps..)


In addition, it can “collect and send any kind of data (videos, images, audios, texts, ratios, etc.) to the internet as well as to any other compatible communication device.”

The large size means it is means it is not portable, but rather designed to be installed and become a hub for the surrounding community. An initial prototype has been in testing since July 2013 with a second one in testing since 2014, providing consistent data regarding reliability, efficiency and efficacy of the system. So far, the second prototype has shown “no signs of mechanical failures or breakdowns.”

The team estimates that Watly can keep running for 10 or more years. The Watly team has raised more than $9,000 with a month left on its Indiegogo campaign.


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