A team of Chinese scientists have developed a new solar panel that works rain or shine

Solar panels may be better for Earth and cut down on the electric bill, but many consumers are worried the benefits don’t outweigh the costs. For people who live in places with lots of inclement weather, panels might not generate as much energy on thick cloudy days or in snow. Soon, it may be possible for rainy locales to use solar panels to power their homes, even on days with downpours.

A group of Chinese scientists have designed a new solar panel that can create electricity using raindrops. The new panel, created by Professor Qunwei Tang, Xiaopeng Wang, Professor Peizhi Yang and Dr. Benlin He, has a layer of graphene on top, so thin that is only one atom thick. The graphene binds its electrons from the positively charged ions in the rain water, and it is the difference in energy between the two that create electricity. This panel can also work in sunlight without a problem, meaning that even if the rainy season

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