Full-sized kitchen, bathtub, guest room and cinema in 29-square meters

When buying an apartment in the center of any metropolis, every square meter counts and every square meter costs. This is particularly true for Hong Kong where each additional square meter can deduct as much as US$ 22,814 from your budget. As a result people are forced to move into tiny places, far removed from the houses of their dreams. Full-sized kitchen, bathtub, guest room, home cinema and a gym in 29-square meters? Wishful thinking. Or, is it?

LAAB, a Hong Kong-based architecture firm specializing in intelligent designs, was challenged to do just that. The key to their success was adding another dimension to the traditionally 3-dimensional space: time. This tiny apartment plays with the idea that what acts as a bathtub in the morning, could turn into a sofa and a second tier of a movie theatre in the afternoon and a guest room at night. Similarly, the kitchen can be transformed into a gym. On a smaller scale, the sink can double up as a tabletop and the floor as a storage space.

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