Social circles quickly flock towards new messaging platforms, with brands following suit

Among the latest apps to introduce a chatbot feature is Kik, a company that hosts over 40% of the American youth’s exchanges.

H&M, Sephora and the Weather Channel have all surfaced among a larger score of brands looking for more intimate connections with their respective audience through this fresh, inclusive interface. The ‘Bot Shop' marketplace is anticipated to gain traction as it continues to partner with further well-known enterprises.

Alongside communications technology companies Imperson, Massively and Sequel, Kik has set out to help developers seamlessly integrate their own line of offerings into the platform and even develop their own API’s. This push towards ‘conversational commerce’ could empower brands to target users where they’re most active—chatting with friends—and is categorized by three distinct types in Kik’s marketplace: Entertainment, Lifestyle and Games.

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