UK bank lets you use your face and voice for a more secure and portable method of authentication

Atom, the UK's first bank designed for digital and optimized for mobile, has just launched to offer users a new way to bank. In order to make the registration and log in process for their app safe and simple, Atom is using face and voice biometrics. This evolution of banking moves away from a large central building toward quick and secure financial management on the go via mobile devices.

Atom registers a customer's identity credentials to create a unique Face ID, VoiceID and passcode, so they can choose how they want to log into the app. It registers a biometric reference to the customer's face and voice, which are stored securely as a series of numbers. Then, each time they log in using one of these methods, it compares the latest algorithm to the stored version before allowing access. In the app, their biometric profile may be required for additional security checks that take place when there are unusual or high-value transactions.

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