Chariot for Women is designed to create a safer environment for car-sharing

A new rideshare app called Chariot for Women is set to launch on April 19 in Boston that will only employ female drivers and only accepted female passengers and children. With the companies like Uber and Lyft coming under pressure lately to implement passenger safety measures, Chariot—which is currently seeking a new name—is a timely entry into the rideshare game.

Currently just 19 percent of Uber drivers in the United States are women, according to USA Today. More than 1,000 women have signed up to drive for Chariot in Boston. Drivers for the company will be fingerprinted and go through background checks with local law enforcement and will make $25 per hour. For added security Chariot will have all drivers answer a security question at the beginning of their shift to confirm their identity and the app will provide passengers and drivers a ‘safe word' that needs to be confirmed by the driver before the ride begins.

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