Remote workers can join in on real-time notes taken on the connected whiteboard

Light Blue Optics, developer of advanced collaboration products in the corporate and education industry, produced a new accessory called Kaptivo. This device allows whiteboard notes to be shared with colleagues and remote workers in real-time wherever they are.

Kaptivo is brining life to the old dry whiteboard. By using Kaptivo, anything written on the whiteboard can be livestreamed to remote workers and can even be saved as a PDF document for later use. To install Kaptivo, one needs to hang the device on top of the whiteboard. The digital CMOS camera with built-in processor will take photos of the scribbles and at the same time, clean the images from any unnecessary artifacts (i.e. shadows, hands, reflections). Once the images are encrypted, team members can access the images through a password-protected portal using an Android or iOS device's web browser. If there is good demand, Light Blue Optics will also offer Kaptivo for Windows devices.

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