As more niche brand focus on solving common problems, you can be sure they will be disruptive

The socks industry might seem like an odd space to disrupt but you’ll be amazed at how many problems manufacturers have been ignoring. These ignored problems form golden opportunities for niche next-gen brands to come in and disrupt a marketplace; many new entrants tout not only bolder brand voices, but bolder solutions to common problems.

For example, Bombas‘ Sock Tech is a sock brand built on 2 years of R&D. Beyond ‘better performing textiles’, they have integrated numerous other benefits like better engineered elasticity so calf socks stay up. There’s also a blister tab to prevent rubbing and chafing with ankle socks. The Y-stitched heel forms a cupping form around the heel and their “Invisitoe” eliminates bumps that most socks will have at the tip.

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