Wi-Fi-Enabled Wine Bottle Could Be The Key To A Better Glass

Wi-Fi-Enabled Wine Bottle Could Be The Key To A Better Glass

It's time for technology appreciators and wine connoisseurs to find vino they really love

Eva Recinos
  • 4 april 2016

Technology continues to change the way we interact with food, from 3D-printed products to uniquely designed kitchen tools. Now, a team hopes to bring a similar spirit of experimentation to the world of wine. Kuvée is a smart wine bottle that basically slides over a regular bottle of wine.

On its website, the team describes Kuvée as “the world’s first and only bottle that ensures your last glass of wine is just as great as your first.” Each bottle is meant to stay fresh for up to 30 days. This makes it easier for wine lovers to open multiple bottles when guests are over—without worrying about the wine going bad soon.

The smart bottle also syncs to Wi-Fi so users can order their next few bottles. Over time, it learns the user’s preferences and can make recommendations for future purchases. This adds a more personalized touch to the experience. Not only can the smart bottle add useful features, it can also change how consumers interact with brands and make their next wine choice.

So far, the company has also teamed up with wineries like B.R. Cohn, Girard, Pine Ridge and Round Pond. The team also plans on adding more names to this list in the near future.

For now, interested wine lovers can pre-order the smart bottle with a starter pack included.


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