Design studio created abstract chairs that playfully challenge furniture's shape

Award winning Japanese design studio Nendo recently collaborated with the New York gallery Friedman Benda to present a truly unique installation that sits somewhere between sci-fi dining and bipolar reincarnation, bounded by abstract literary interpretation.

The exquisitely interesting installment has been titled ’50 Manga Chairs’ and was created to coincide with this year’s Milan Design Week at the Basilica Minore di San Simpliciano from 12-17 April.

Inspired by the Japenese Manga style of comic books, the series of polished stainless steel chairs resonate with young and old as they convey a spectrum of emotions in a near onomatopoeic display. Set out in a diagonal offset, the chairs play and talk with one another to the bemusement and wonder of the beholder. As one’s perspective changes and moves from focus, so to do the relationships between the objects meaning that the eye’s of a child might decipher a different a view than that of their tall standing parent.

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