Speakers at the 99U conference discussed their own stories of growth through rejection

This year's Adobe's 99U Conference had a number of events that focused on topics that aren't always easy or comfortable to talk about, but ones that all creatives face. Rejection, being vulnerable, working with constrains and how to get out of your own way were the subject matter for a number of speakers at 99U.

PSFK spoke with 99U organizer Will Allen, who is the Senior Director at Adobe and Head of Behance. Allen spoke about a number of events that took place over the two day conference, held on May 5-6 of this year. Allen highlighted the importance of talking about what's going on behind the scenes of creative work. When looking for event speakers every year, Allen said, “We push our speakers to peel back the veil on their work and show participants what actually happens leading up to their completed work.”

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