This spirit claims beauty benefits that can make anyone ditch the supplements

The hunt for the Fountain of Youth may come to a halt as this beauty drink called the Anti-aGin Gin. It's a drink that doesn’t only give you that alcohol satisfaction but it also will make your skin look youthful—or claims to.

UK hotel group Warner Leisure Hotels partnered with design studio Bompas & Parr and the end result was an anti-aging gin that’s a mix of proof gin, collagen and herbs. Anti a-Gin is composed of 40 percent proof gin and 60 percent a combination of distilled pure collagen and botanicals like chamomile and tea tree. Aside from youthful looking skin, the other promised benefits of the gin are sun protection, prevention of scars and smoothens cellulite. The drink is made available at Drink Supermarket and can be delivered wherever you are in the world.

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