How AR Could Help You Buy Your Next Car

How AR Could Help You Buy Your Next Car
Augmented & Virtual Reality

Volvo teamed up with Microsoft to develop new way to experience and learn about car models

Eva Recinos
  • 24 may 2016

The traditional car-buying experience involves looking at each model from an aesthetic point of view before taking it for a test drive to assess its practical qualities. No matter the dealer, most of these processes happen pretty similarly. But Volvo wants to create a totally new element in the car-buying experience by using augmented reality.

Teaming up with Microsoft, Volvo wants to bring HoloLens technology to provide consumers with holograms of models.

As the company’s website explains, this is a unique partnership—Volvo is the very first car company to be working with the technology. Besides helping people visualize cars in a better way, Volvo hopes that the technology could also help them see what safety features separate Volvo models from others. This could also result in features that help consumers envision their perfect car:

“HoloLens could also one day enable people to configure a car and see changes of color, trim or wheel design in the most realistic way possible. It could also help people choose exactly the right model and specifications to suit their life and personal tastes.”

Volvo also hopes the technology will also “create a more direct relationship” with customers.

Efforts such as this one indicate that they way we shop for cars could change dramatically. As Fortune points out, experiments with HoloLens and other technological tools indicate that “the traditional test-drive will soon be augmented by the living room experience.” Moves such as this one could change how consumers experience a car before they even get behind the wheel.


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