Founders of digital agency took what makes them genetically unique to express their mission

Travis Weihermuller and Dominic Santalucia from digital agency lifeblood knew they needed to come up with a special identity system that communicated what the agency is all about: Digital Made Human. To do this, the pair had their own DNA analyzed in a lab and used specific sequences unique to each individual to create a set of graphics.

The selected sequences were used to form a pattern of lines and applied those in various ways across the agency’s branding, including T-shirts, head shots and the website, and each application shows a different sequence. “The lines are used in randomly generated sequences throughout different mediums to show how the identity adapts wherever it resides,” the partners say on the agency's website. “Although similar in nature, each application shows slightly different sequences. As the agency grows so will the amount of DNA sequences. This makes the identity constantly growing and evolving.”

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