Coworking Space Focuses On Sustainably Manufactured Clothing

Coworking Space Focuses On Sustainably Manufactured Clothing

Coworking that takes into account needs of fashion creatives and encourages sustainability

Eva Recinos
  • 5 may 2016

When it comes to fashion, more and more consumers are focusing on the sustainability of products and the impact of their production. As attention continues to shift to how clothing is made—from the process to labor conditions—people are exploring new avenues for creating a workflow that is both sustainable and healthy.


One possible solution takes inspiration from the coworking spaces that many freelancers, creative and small businesses participate in. Coworking space Templo decided to focus on fashion by creating a warehouse that focuses on the process behind creating clothing.

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MALHA takes the idea of fair labor practice and combines it with the shared creativity of the co-working space. According to Templo’s website, the space is meant to create and preserve a “fashion ecosystems” that connects members from many backgrounds. It also encourages the work of “independent and local makers” through this exchange and supportive space:

“For this we provide the means of production and encourage the exchange and creation of knowledge. We are at the same time a space of coworking and cosewing, a community, a school and an experimental laboratory.”


Interested parties can sign up for different levels of membership ranging from a floating desk to a fixed one. Other perks include storage, access to the Fashion Lab, along with co-sewing. The Knitting Club also allows members to join an “extended network” that provides special events and promotions.

By putting the focus on local and responsibly crafted clothing, the coworking space can make way for many collaboration opportunities but also a larger focus on new practices.


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