Could Plastic Bottle Houses Help Build A More Sustainable Future?

Could Plastic Bottle Houses Help Build A More Sustainable Future?

Plastic Bottle Village project in Panama creates full dwellings from discarded materials

Eva Recinos
  • 18 may 2016

When it comes to building houses, architects and firms will continually keep looking for new ways to take into account environmentally conscious design and sustainability. Robert Bezeau, creator and owner of Plastic Bottle Village, wants to take a unique approach to this area of interest by using discarded plastic bottles to build houses in Panama.

Plastic Bottle Village’s official website shares information on just how much of an impact the average person can make when it comes to plastic bottle waste. “If you were born after 1978, and live until 80 years old, you will leave behind a minimum of 14,400 plastic bottles on this planet,” the website explains.


The team estimates that 14,000 plastic bottles could be re-used to construct a two-story house that measures 1,000 square feet per floor. The use of plastic bottles also helps to lower the costs of building houses, especially when compared to traditional materials.

The Plastic Bottle Village as a whole will contribute to a more sustainable way of living in its other features:

“Over the three phases of development, The Village will consist of around 120 homes/lots, as well as a small boutique, eco-lodge, that will mesh with the community’s fruit, vegetable, and herb garden. The Village will utilize natural settings to create green zones, that will house a yoga-exercise pavilion, hiking trails, and small manicured mini-parks for barbecues, and out door gatherings.”

The project is raising funds through a GoFundMe campaign.

Plastic Bottle Village

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