Carbon-negative cars may be possible in the near future with the help of this company

Racing cars can be environmentally friendly as Bruce Dietzen proved when he made a car out of cannabis hemp. Renew Sports Cars is putting out ultra-low carbon footprint race cars that will leave naysayers in their planet-approved dust.

Why hemp? For one, hemp is lighter than fiberglass and it makes the car run more efficiently. Also, hemp is dent-resistant and not as brittle as carbon fiber. Plus, hemp is biodegradable, which is the best feature of all. In fact, Renew Sports Cars is simply following in the footsteps of Henry Ford, who made an almost carbon neutral car back in 1941; he also used cannabis hemp way back when. Hence, Dietzen and Renew are on a mission to hopefully turn today’s cars into carbon-negative cars by 2025.

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