Save space by using this multi-functional piece that easily folds to hang on the wall

Small space furniture is all the rage nowadays, especially for urban dwellers. Jongha Choi created the From 2D to 3D series to experiment with how shifting from the three-dimensional to the two-dimensional could result in save-spacing techniques. Currently, Choi’s series is a thesis project but there are photos of the design and a video on Choi’s website.

In the video, a man removes a a hanging piece from the wall (which looks like a flattened stool). It sits next to two other pieces in varying sizes, all three of them in pastel colors. From afar, they look almost like a purely visual installation but the man soon unfolds the object to reveal a stool (which he then sits on). Once he’s done, he folds the stool up again and places it back on the wall.

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