These Headphones Adapt Their Sound To Fit Your Unique Hearing Profile

These Headphones Adapt Their Sound To Fit Your Unique Hearing Profile
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Nura analyzes reverberation of ear canals to calculate personalized listening experiences

Eva Recinos
  • 24 may 2016

The quest for the perfect pair of headphones often involves looking for factors such as design and sound quality. But one team has created a pair of headphones that actually sound different to each user. Nura are headphones that can “learn and adapt” to the user’s hearing. They use both an in-ear and over-ear design to create a tailored experience for each user.

The team’s Kickstarter campaign page explains that the headphones work by sensing the unique characteristics of the user’s ear:

“Nura uses a microphone to know exactly what sound went in, and also uses the same microphone to listen to the faint sounds that return from the ear. This makes Nura very different from any other type of calibration. It actually knows the response of the inner ear. The inner ear detection is performed using an adaption of OAE (otoacoustic emission)—an amazing phenomenon well known in biology.”

nura Unique Hearing Profile headphones.png

Users listen to a range of tones for 30 seconds and the headphones then “listen to the sounds your ear is making.” From there, these signals can indicate “how well specific frequencies of sound got through to your brain.” This leads to a more personalized listening experience.

Nura serves as just one example of the ways that headphones can be fine-tuned to take into consideration factors outside of just sound quality. At the time of writing, the team behind Nura raised more than $480,000 on their Kickstarter campaign. The team expects to start shipping orders in April 2017.


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