This friendly router tells you what's up with your connection

Most people don’t know or care what their Wi-Fi router is doing—they shove it into a dark corner and might reset it when the mysterious blinking lights on it start acting up.

Starry Station, a Wi-Fi router from Aereo TV developer Chet Kanojia, hopes to shed some light on the nature of your connectivity troubles and, in a similar endeavor to Google’s OnHub, bring the router to a more deservedly central position in the home.

Starry Station’s most striking feature, aside from its sleek triangular shape, is its 3.8 inch touchscreen, which is large enough to be see vital statistics from across the room and features a friendly, bubbly interface. A single touch allows you to see your network name and password, and a proximity sensor anticipates what you’re looking for as you shuffle across the room: current internet speed (courtesy of Ookla), number of devices connected, and a network health score that goes from 0-100.

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