The design of a new intercom focuses on making communication simple and quick

Insensi is a company dedicated to using technology to strengthen familial bonds. Technology is often blamed for the silences during meals. Insensi counteracts this with the creation of ILY (for I Love You), a stationary smartphone that will replace outdated landline phones. This smartphone allows for children and older adults unfamiliar with technology connect with loved ones via video calls and other features.

The Founder and CEO of Insensi explains, “My kids are too young to have their own smartphones and their grandparents aren’t as tech-savvy. We parents become the gatekeepers but with our schedules and our devices. I wanted to fix that. I don't need to be there when my kids need to talk to their close ones. I wanted to enable them with a safe and secure way to stay in touch with family, a device they could use whenever they had something to share.”

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